Trilochan Singh Khanna


“Through him many, many, many people came to the path of Sant Mat...grew spiritually...”

“We need to look at his life and realize what happiness and joy he brought to everyone else”

“We all are missing him physically but we know he did his job well, he lived his life in the proper manner, he is with the Masters, he is in a state of bliss and he wants us to, in the words of Master Kirpal, Go Jolly

“Let us all realize that his life was an example for us to follow”

“Let us not be in a state of sadness, but let us realize that he brought so much happiness and joy to people all around”

T.S. Khanna, Mr. Khanna, Khanna Ji

Quotes from Master Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj:

“a clearinghouse of information”

“he was not shy”

“he was not wishy-washy

“he traveled extensively...wherever the need was”

“to him, spirituality was a 24 hour way of life”

“his life was one-pointed”

“when we look at his life, he led a life of service”